Monday, March 22, 2010

Linux coming of age ...

I install a new linux box today.  I was impressed.  Simple setup.  Network, Video, right out of the box.  It does what most need to do ... free.

Hardware was and old pentium 4 1.8 with 500 MB and IDE 40 GB drive where XP runs ok, basic throw away box.

I downloaded the iso and burned to CD since old pc didn't have DVD.  Boot off CD and took the defaults, formatted the hard drive taking the listed suggestions.

(ok I didn't have to get out the book and remember how to mount and setup the swap file!)

Ubuntu 9.10 - the Karmic Koala

The new software center rocks, I was able to simply add software, update with GUI, didn't have to remember my ole unix/linux commands, (don't worry they are still there and you should learn them but not needed)

Right now watching video, browsing the web, and looking around new interface.

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